Bitterroot Handle Works

Based out of Hamilton Montana's Bitterroot Valley, we are a family business designing high quality, low cost, unique handle materials to accent your custom knife.  Bitterroot Handle Works - from Montana's Bitterroot Valley where beauty, quality, and craftsmanship set us apart.

Domestic Wood Collection

Our Domestic Wood collection is organized by type of wood.  All our wood product is stabilized unless we specifically state otherwise in the product description.

We have some beautiful collections of very unique woods available.

You are buying the product shown in the picture; we do not use "representative" photos of wood on our site.

Exotic Wood Collection

We have some amazing wood from Africa, Asia, and South America.  

All of our wood products are stabilized unless otherwise noted in the description on the product page.

You are buying the product shown in the picture; we do not use "representative" photos of wood on our site.

Wood & Resin Hybrid Collection

We have developed some stunning designs in this hybrid collection.  All of the wood material is stabilized unless specifically noted in the product description.

If you are unfamiliar with the unique techniques for working with Resin check out our Tips & Tricks page!

Antler & Bone Collections

We have jigged bone to replace antler and may at times have other bone or antler products.

We use representative photos of jigged bone showing the color, if dyed, and the jig cut pattern.

Trout Collection

Trout scales are handmade by Casting Crafts. These aluminum and resin scales depict various freshwater trout found in the United States.

Knifemaking supplies

This category contains supplies useful for knifemaking and other trades.

Kevlar-Nomex or Aluminum Honeycomb Hybrid Collections

Kevlar-Nomex is a honeycomb substrate utilized in the civilian and military aircraft manufacturing process, normally sandwiched between layers of carbon fiber. We fill the honeycomb with resin of various colors, resulting in a product similar to C-Tek (i.e. aluminum honeycomb, which we also carry). 


These products are made in color batches, with a limited number available from each batch as listed. 

Apparel & Gear

T-shirts, hats, and more are always showing up in the Bitterroot Handle Works Apparel shop.  We only sell high quality clothing with our logo.  Our custom design and a name associated with quality and craftsmanship - now that's a good look!!!

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