FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Do I use the same sanding technique on hybrid (resin) materials as I do on wood? You work hybrid/resin materials with the same tools you would work wood, with one exception: due to the fact that resin materials do not like to be overheated, it is recommended that you use a coarser grit abrasive to remove excess material and/or shape using light pressure to avoid overheating the material through friction. You can progress through the final grits as normal, remembering to always use lighter pressure. After sanding to 400 or 600 grit, we recommend buffing with Tripoli, White Diamond and Blue Plastic compounds in that order. This will result in a crystal clear finish. In summary, take your time in sanding and buffing the resin.

I have some personal material that I would love embedded into my knife handle, can you incorporate something I have?  Yes, imagination is the only limit to resin, either in the product mounted flush with the surface as an inlay.