Kevlar-Nomex Hybrid Collection

Kevlar-Nomex is a honeycomb substrate utilized in the civilian and military aircraft manufacturing process, normally sandwiched between layers of carbon fiber. We fill the honeycomb with resin of various colors, resulting in a product similar to C-Tek (i.e. aluminum honeycomb). The advantage of using Kevlar-Nomex honeycomb over aluminum is that the resin completely bonds to the honeycomb material, providing a stable product that will not produce pop-outs and/or sharp metal edges. When finishing knife handles made with this material, you can produce a textured surface by sanding to a minimum of 400 grit and then buffing with Tripoli, followed by White Diamond. If you apply hard pressure while buffing with Tripoli, the buffing process will remove a fraction of resin, leaving the Kevlar-Nomex honeycomb standing slightly proud, resulting in a snakeskin-like texture which greatly improves grip. It is important—as with all resin materials—to avoid excessive heat when sanding and buffing. This can be achieved by starting with rougher grits and utilizing light pressure.


These scales are made in color batches, with a limited number available from each batch as listed. If you see a color which you like, but not enough scales of a single batch for your project, feel free to contact us for a custom order.

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