Exotic Wood

These knife scales and blocks are created from various types of exotic (non-U.S.) wood. All wood is stabilized unless the description states otherwise, as with gidgee, mallee, rosewood, budda, myall, etc.

Please note: Many naturally dense woods such as myall or ebony do have some tendency to develop micro-cracks before being mounted. Such cracks can be repaired by filling with resin or with a mixture of sawdust and water-thin CA glue. Additionally, weru burl in particular, while a beautiful wood, does have burl eyes with open spacing. Though stabilized, the stabilant does not always fill these holes complete and if it does you may find clear, colorless areas in your scales. This is simply a factor of the wood type and cannot be determined simply from looking at a weru burl block.

This page shows all of our exotic products in alphabetical order by wood name. If you would like to narrow your search, you can use the filter icon to the left for further sorting options by #tags within this category or use the collection menus in the left side bar.